pod 1 «pod», noun, verb, pod|ded, pod|ding.
1. a shell or case in which plants such as beans and peas grow their seeds; legume or silique. A pod consists of two parts hinged together.
2. any dry, dehiscent pericarp, usually having several seeds, whether of one carpel or of several.
3. a streamlined cover over anything carried externally, especially on the wings or fuselage of an aircraft: »

a gun pod or missile pod.

4. a) the case enclosing the eggs of a grasshopper. b) any egg case or sac.
5. a) a detachable compartment or individual unit; cubicle: »

Her office was a six-by-six pod in a room shared by a dozen assistants.

b) a section of enclosed units, especially in a prison.
1. to bear or produce pods.
2. to fill out into a pod.
to empty out of the pods; shell (peas).
[origin uncertain. Compare earlier podder, variant of podware food crops.]
pod´like´, adjective.
pod 2 «pod», noun.
1. a small herd, as of seals and whales.
2. a small flock of birds.
3. a group of people clustered together: »

Surrounded by their new crop of advisers—the kind of ubiquitous pod that often sprouts around average people who are thrust into the news (New York Times); a scruffy pod of homeless people sitting around a fire (New York Times).

pod 3 «pod», noun.
1. the straight groove in the body of certain augers and bits.
2. the socket in a brace in which the bit is inserted.
[origin uncertain. Compare Old English pād a covering]
pay on delivery.
Post Office Department.

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